Working Effectively

*This is a call for help post*

I pride myself in having an exceptional level of work standard- nothing half-arsed.

Of late there has been more responsibilities and various projects that I have been assigned with. I seem to be running around getting bits and pieces done before being called away for something else. When I am given instruction/ direction I am hearing it but not seeming to retain the information- this is not normal for me. At the end of the work day, I have not achieved what I have set out to do. This results in me having more and more things piled up in my in-tray with no plans to manage it all. I’m not comfortable with leaving at the end of the day with more tasks to do or half completed tasks.

I have used to-do lists in the past and it has worked but of late it seems to be not effective at all. Scheduling does not seem to work for me as my plans get thrown out the door as I walk into the office, this can be due to a variety of reasons including other priority tasks to action.

I am not going to go into too much detail here but when I describe my job role and work day the other person said it sounded like a job for 6 people…not one.

My questions to you guys are:

What practical things do you do to work more effectively and retain your sanity? 

What experiences do you have with big workload and what did you do to manage it? 

Any help is very much appreciated. Hopefully, by me voicing this and people commenting, it may benefit others.

Min xx



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