What I did not do…

…helped me discover more of me.

This week work has taken priority over other aspects of my life, which unfortunately results in me feeling completely drained and absolutely not motivated to workout, preferring the temptation of becoming a burrito and sleeping.

This is not a bad thing.

What this has done is highlight a few things which I may have not been aware of.

Below are some things that were highlighted:

  • I appreciate meaningful work- having a purpose that adds value to one or more people motivates me
  • I need to fix my body clock- so that I am awake earlier like I used to so that I have more hours in the day to do things I want to do
  • I need to be open to putting myself first- forcing it isn’t going to help, putting no expectations and allowing to happen is needed for the shift of energy.
  • I am capable of standing my ground- which is the focus for the week, I was able to stand my ground this week when things got a little gnarly, with help and support from those around me I was able to anchor into energy that was nurturing and in a sene protective.
  • I am able to acknowledge the good work of others but need to do more of mine- I’ve known this for ages and today was the first time I acknowledge that this was an area of growth for me to a new acquaintance

Have you acknowledged things that you have done?

Min xx

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