Hash Browns vs Sand dunes: A WOD

Next time I think that having hash browns prior to a cardio session is the best idea, I will remember the moment we finished the sesh and I’m sprawled on the floor feeling green!

So this is how it all went down…

H and I drove to our favourite beach in search of the best dune for our session.

We did a quick warm up to check out the dune (picture was taken at the top of the dune)

Partnered WOD

3 rounds

Partner 1

  • Run up the dune

Partner 2

  • 5 diamond sit up
  • 5 straight leg sit up with twist (each side)
  • 5 leg lowers
  • 5 v ups

Keep going until partner 1 returns

When this was done I was not feeling so crash hot!

However, we continued with:

  • 1 dune lunges- slow lunges, focusing on length of each step. Getting a firm foothold can be tricky due to very loose sand!

Bonus round:

Cool off in icy water and a few wave sprints:

  • Be at least thigh deep in the water
  • Wait for the pull of the water – that’s when you know a big one is coming
  • Watch the wave peak, stay put as long as you can before sprinting up the beach
  • Be sensible- if you can’t swim or are not comfortable, don’t do this.
  • These were fun to do as the intervals between sets are not identical- I had so much fun that I lost track of how many I did.

What are some unusual ideas you have for exercises?

Min xx





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