Focus for the Week: Move in a Way that Feels Right + Back to the Bar(re): a WOD

Hello! I took a break over the last week due to work commitments, coincidentally it was also my deload/ recovery week, so I was pretty boring!

Anyway, today is a first day for a new cycle. Normally I would have an idea of what I would want to concentrate on well ahead of starting a new cycle but it would seem my programming brain took a holiday and forgot to bring the rest of me with it.

So here we are…below is a process that I am taking to decide what I want to work on. It will be ‘raw’ in the sense that I will not be editing the structure of how I processing, only thing that I would be editing is spelling and sentence structure…the reason I am doing this is so that I am able to reflect back on my process and that it may highlight something/ anything that I am previously unaware of.

So, heads up, some things below may not make sense at all!

As of today, the 30 day trial at my local gym has come to an end. It has been a great experience and it has reinforced that I ain’t got time for globo/ traditional gyms…on a regular basis. I am happy to not be stepping into a traditional gym for a few days, heck, perhaps even a few weeks.

I am definitely sold on functional movements and workouts with some accessory work to supplement.

There are so many things that I would like to improve on/ gain (skills), I’m not sure which to concentrate on for this cycle.

To help, I referred back to my 16 goals for 2016 for some direction. I am going to concentrate on ‘gymnastic’/ body weight movement for the this cycle. I have chosen to concentrate on handstand push up and walk. This does not mean I won’t be doing anything else, it just means that I am going to include progressive drills that is going to help me with my handstand push ups and walk.

In the past I have tried to add progressive drills for handstands but I did not follow them through, for some unknown reason…perhaps it wasn’t something that I truly wanted to do at the time.

I’m hesitating ‘sealing the deal’ right now. I’m feeling vulnerable and am full of self-doubt…so I think that I won’t follow through? Or I am going to fail…so why try? I believe that I can’t do it, even though I know that I am more than strong enough for it…funny how things that were told to you as a child can affect one in adulthood.


Fuck it…still going ahead anyway.

I’m going to break the cycle into 3 phases lasting approximately 3-4 weeks each, depending on how I progress. In the first phase I will be concentrating on a strong handstand- wrist strength, stabilising measures and positions in handstand push up. I may explore kipping here or save it for phase 2. Phase 2 will be concentrating on handstand push ups including kipping handstand push ups. Phase 3 will be working towards handstand walks, including weight shifts and free-standing handstand holds.

I’m going to leave this here…what is most important to me is to ensure that I am doing what feels right…

Below is a WOD I did today which included some Barre work as well:

  • Foot articulation and trigger point therapy
  • Free form barre work including plies, tendu, developpe, port des bras and fondu
  • 3 x Max  reps bench press
  • 3 x Max reps sumo deadlifts
  • 3 x Max reps front squats
  • 3 x Max reps push press

What moves are you loving right now?

Min xx


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