Welcome to Tea with Min and 366unfiltered.

This is my take on the 365 projects that are out there.

366 days of wellness, fitness and health related posts; ups, downs and all around documented here on my blog.

The 2 key focuses of 366unfiltered are being your true self and living in a way the generates self-love in turn sustainably living mindfully and fully!

If you’d like to embark on this journey as well, please let me know or simply use the hashtags #366unfiltered and #teawithmin 🙂 It would be so cool to have a collective journal that everyone can be inspired by.

There is no ‘rules’ to 366unfiltered, simply the following guidelines:

  • Post something everyday but if something happens that prevents you from doing it, the sun will still rise- just do 2 posts the next day or do a longer or more comprehensive post.
  • Write, draw, vlog, photograph…anything that has meaning to you.
  • Be YOU! 366unfiltered is about YOU, your journey, your emotions, feelings, lessons, inspiration- it is not about carefully crafted images or eloquent and flourished paragraphs- hence unfiltered.
  • Spread support by sharing stories and encouragement, please be mindful of what you post!
  • Cherish every minute of it!